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TEC1-12706 Peltier cooler module

  • $3.70


The 127-06 (127 interface, 6 amps) is a very popular low-cost Peltier cooling module. It can be run at up to 80 watts with sufficient cooling. Recommend running at 40-60 watts per module or below for excellent performance and longevity.

For a more powerful chip, we highly recommend you also try the TEC1-12715. However, some customers prefer this chip as it allows you to maximize the surface cooling area for the lowest cost. This is especially useful in applications that use convection without relying on heat sinks, water blocks, etc.

You can always run these at lower voltages for higher efficiency - as the current decreases, the coefficient of performance increases. At 12 volts the ΔT is almost 60°C. As you decrease the voltage and current draw, ΔT will decrease, but even at 1 volt there is a noticeable temperature difference, accompanied by the most efficient heat pumping you will find for this price.

Take your temperature control needs to a new level with solid-state.

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