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Sunpower C60 Solar Cell 3.55W

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Super light (7 grams), super thin, flexible up to 30°. Approximately 0.6 volts output per cell, with stable voltages even in overcast conditions.

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These are the best of available flexible solar cells currently on the market at an awesome price. Unlike the cheaper glass substrate monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells, these have the distinct line-free dark blue look. AND they bend up to 30° and are super light, which is just awesome. The future is here, today! Used on the solar impulse electric airplane due to the amazing light weight of each cell. These are rated at 3.6W, blemish-free "A Grade", no scrap, no B-Grade. Solid performers. This is the best solar cell bar none, and the best bang for your buck.

No fingerprints, guaranteed no cracks, no stains, no blemishes. Highest grade available for the price. We pay more and make less on every one sold than the competition.

Recommended use with the special 3-point busbar. You can add 1 busbar per cell directly on this listing at a reduced cost for buying together without having to purchase two separate items, just select the lot size and busbar option on this listing. These busbars are tinned copper 99% lead-free, made specifically for these cells.

These cells must be handled carefully. While they are much more flexible than traditional cells (30° bend), they are also easy to snap like a cracker if you are not careful and bend them past their maximum tolerance, especially if bending parallel to the collector lines.

Each cell is incredibly thin and light, and should not be used without protective coating (EVA, etc) on both sides.

Features 3 tinned copper connection points per polarity. ROHS compliant.

Extra care will be taken when shipping you the cells to ensure they arrive without damage.

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