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24V & 48V Battery Powered Air Conditioners Mini Splits Heat Pumps

  • $2,399.00


Powerful cooling with unprecedented efficiency and absolutely no inversion. All our air conditioners operate in both directions (heat pump) and can either cool or heat using a battery for your power supply.

You need a 48V or 24V battery to operate these units, running them directly on solar without a battery will not work and can damage the units. The battery doesn't have to be large if you don't need to run the unit through the night. We will be periodically updating this page to provide as much information as possible for you to make good estimates about how much battery and how much solar you need to take care of your off-grid cooling and heating needs in full.

Portable units: best for cooling small enclosed spaces. Plug into your DC power supply and you're cooling (or heating). Available in 24V and 48V.

Window units: best for windows and similar wall holes. Great for replacing old units with a 100% solar rig.

Mini splits: best for permanent structures. Allows for most discrete installs. Requires vacuuming refrigerant lines and checking R134a pressure. Available in 48V in 1 ton (12,000 BTU/h), 2 ton (24,000 BTU/h), and 3 ton (36,000 BTU/h) cooling capacities.

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