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Aluminum Water Cooling Block Heatsink for Peltier

  • $6.50


Aluminum water cooling blocks in 40*40, 80*80, and 80*240mm sizes fit 1, 4, or 12 peltier coolers (Peltier chips not included). This allows you to design your own custom water cooled Peltier apparatus that uses four chips in one small, convenient package.

Possibility of up to 800 watts cooling by using four TEC1-12715 chips. Or, daisy-chain four peltiers in series and connect to a 12 volt power supply so that each chip gets 4 volts, which will still get you down to almost freezing temperatures while creating much less heat and increasing peltier efficiency exponentially.

Another idea is to stack multiples of these heat sinks on top of each other with chips sandwiched in-between each layer to create large water-cooled arrays (pictures will follow). The possibilities are endless.

Beautiful design with a flat polished surface on both sides. Extra care will be taken to ship it to you without any dents. Each 80*80mm block weights 200 grams.

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