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LiFePO4 Cylindrical 32700 Cells; 6000 mAh 3.2 V

  • $6.90

6 Ah "32700" size LiFePO4 cells - 19.2 Wh
If you are building a battery bank "power wall" / e-bike / EV, solar, or similar application, please don't use Li-Ion cells! LiFePO4 is a must.
We build custom packs. If you would like these cells pre-assembled, contact us for a quote.
Example: 4 cells make a "12.8 volt", 5.4 Ah battery that typically compared to a 12 Ah lead acid in performance/true capacity. Shipping: we charge $3.50 for the first cell and 90 cents for each additional cell to ship, any quantity, anywhere within the USA.
Many make the mistake of using the small 18650's you're familiar with. Not only is it so much more tedious, the biggest problem is the chemistry. Those cells are great for "disposable" uses such as vaping, flash lights and vaping, when you need a lot of juice in a very small package. But if you are building a larger capacity pack, you should be using lithium iron phosphates (LFP's), and these are an excellent choice.
  • Stable voltage. LiFePO4 has a stable discharge around 3.4 volts from full to dead. Regular Li-Ions go from 4.2 to 2.8 wreaking havoc on your electronics.
  • Lead acid compatible - you can use 4 iron phosphates in series to replace a lead acid battery. You can use traditional 14.6 volt lead acid chargers on this setup, as it comes out to a perfect 3.65 volts per cell.
  • MUCH longer life. Li-Ion has a life cycle of 400 cycles. LiFePO4 is 2000. That is a no-kidding serious difference.
  • SAFER - iron phosphates are far less likely to blow up, catch fire, burn down your property - the chemistry is much more stable compared to LiCoMn.
  • Powerful - iron phosphates can give you ridiculous power bursts, 10C no problem, that's why they are the only option for replacing lead acid for starter batteries.
  • Size: 32700 (similar to 32650 only a little longer)
  • Capacity: 6000 mAh minimum
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Voltage: 3.2V nominal; max charge to 3.65, max discharge to 2.8V
  • Weight: 140g

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