Copper flat wire - solar tabbing strip bus wire
Copper flat wire - solar tabbing strip bus wire
Copper flat wire - solar tabbing strip bus wire

Copper flat wire - solar tabbing strip bus wire

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Are you soldering with a soldering iron? Need lowest possible resistance for high current applications? Then choose Tinned Copper busbar.

Tinned copper busbar is used for soldering solar panels or other electronics, including battery packs. The copper bus wire is more pliable compared to the nickel and can carry more current for the same size. You can effectively substitute our 3mm tinned copper strip for the 8mm nickel strip. If you're putting together a battery pack and do not own a pulse welder, you're better off using the copper strip because it is very easy to solder. You can use some flux and solder it directly to your electronics using minimal, if any solder. Since the strip is already coated in tin, it melts when soldering, completing your joint with no mess.

Our tinned copper bus bar comes in two sizes:

3mm wide x 0.2mm thick - very versatile, easy to work with, but thicker than the more common 0.1mm thickness, so it holds its shape nicely and can carry high currents with ease. Suggested maximum current 10 A. Perfect for solar and interconnecting small electronics.

6mm wide x 0.4mm thick - very heavy duty. Perfect for longer runs, interconnecting high discharge battery cells, or main bus line connecting series of solar cells together. Quite rigid and holds its shape. Suggested maximum current, 60 A.

If you order multiple quantities we merge your order and ship one long roll, uncut, so you can procure uncut sections and cut later as you please so there is no waste.

If you need larger quantities or other sizes, just message us.

Specifications - Tinned Copper Strip

Type: Tinned copper strip

Purity: 2N 99 Cu; 60/40 Sb-Pb solder

Thickness: 0.15 - 0.4 mm

Width: 3 - 8 mm 

Length: select any continuous in meters ir feet

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