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LiFePO4 • 10 Ah 3.2 V Prismatic Cell Pouch

  • $17.50

Lithium iron phosphates maintain a steady voltage throughout their discharge cycle, so your equipment will not suffer from continued voltage drop as the charge is used up.

LiFePo4's are less prone to fire and more resistant to accidental overcharge. 4 pieces in series yields a 12.8 volt system which is a perfectly suitable replacement for lead acid batteries. You do not need a BMS (cell balancer) for these - for example, you can use 4 in series to make a 12.8 V 10 Ah pack that is compatible with 12 volt systems, lead acid battery chargers, vehicles, etc.

Same goes for 24, 36, and 48 volt systems, making this the low price reliable lithium solution for EV, e-bike, marine, RV, solar, etc. At under $20 shipped, this is under 61 cents per watt-hour.

The prismatic pouches need to be protected in a rigid enclosure for your application. Care will be taken to ship it to you without damage.

Maximum 0.5C - 5 A discharge rate.