Solar Air Conditioner Complete Kit - 1 Ton - Runs all day and night

Solar Air Conditioner Complete Kit - 1 Ton - Runs all day and night

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Self-Contained 1 Ton Solar Powered Air Conditioner Mini-Split

Self contained kit has everything you need to run the air conditioner all day and all night from the sun with no grid, no wasted power on inverters, and no inverter noise.

As you know, running air conditioners and heaters takes a lot of power. This is especially challenging if you need it to work off grid.

The dream of having real air conditioning (no toys or swamp coolers) with the chilly air they provide, powered only by the sun, is very simple and easy.

By using our Pure DC air conditioner, you are not wasting any power on inverters, and get the most cooling or heating possible by the laws of physics and marketing.

Each self contained kit is custom-tailored to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. It has everything you need to air condition completely off-grid using the sun. You don't need 110V. You don't need 220V. In fact, you don't need any high voltage wiring, making this system both more Safe and Effective than using inverters or hybrid systems.

What size Air Conditioner do I need?

This Kit is for the 1 Ton unit which is good for cooling a small to medium sized room, insulated container, RV, large teepee, small geodesic dome, etc.

100-500 square feet - 1 Ton (12,000 BTU/h)

500 - 1000 square feet - 2 Ton (24,000 BTU/h)

1000 - 2000 square feet - 3 Ton (36,000 BTU/h)


How Many Solar Panels do I need?

The kit includes 4x 250 watts mono panels which can produce up to 1,000 watts. This is double what the air conditioner needs, but because solar panel output is never perfect, this is the bare minimum number of panels you need to run your air conditioner reliably all day long


What size Battery do I need?

If you only want to run the air conditioner when the sun is shining, you can get the Starter bare minimum 48V 12Ah battery pack. This pack can run the A/C for 30 minutes from a full charge, and it stabilizes the power collected from solar panels to keep your mini split running smooth all day despite occasional clouds or shadows. When the battery out in the evening, it will safely shut off, and the air conditioner will turn back on as the battery starts recharging the next morning.

More battery is always better, so if you can afford to spend more, you will be able to run the air conditioner longer in the evening, or even 24/7. Very simple.

Example uses:

Pure DC heat pumps are the most efficient and reliable way to heat or cool:

  • Any home or business with existing solar that has a backup 48V Battery System. This air conditioner uses DC power directly which is 150-200% more efficient than traditional 220V, 230V, or 120V air conditioners.
  • Remote cabin in the woods or desert
  • RV's or mobile homes with unreliable grid power
  • Boats and ships with limited space for solar
  • EMF sensitive people (air conditioner is pure DC powered)
  • Showing the finger to the electric company (no electric bill for real air conditioning)

What else do I need:

This is a big project chances are you might also need:

  • A way to mount solar panels (Z-brackets, racks etc)
  • 10 AWG PV Cable to go from solar panels to charge controller
  • 6 AWG battery cable to go from battery to mini split
  • Extra MC4 Connectors and crimping tool for putting the special plug on solar wire to go from solar panels to charge controller.
  • Vacuum Pump for vacuuming the mini split before releasing the gas.
  • R134 refrigerant to add if running long lines.
  • 16' extra long refrigerant line set if 10 feet that comes with the unit is not enough.

At Full Battery, we're excited to help you go off grid and you're welcome to reach out to us for suggestions specific to your exact need. But this kit is a good reliable starter option for you to have a no-surprises experience.