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Ice-Pack TE Water Battery

Ice-Pack TE Water Battery

  • $600.00

Need mass energy storage to get you through the night?

The Ice-Pack thermoelectric battery by Cold&Colder is charged by creating a temperature differential in two insulated water chambers: cold water on the bottom and hot water on top. Additional storage 'tubs' can be added to expand the total storage capacity without purchasing additional Ice-Packs.

Use solar power to charge the Ice-Pack during the day to run your equipment at night. Insulated water storage compartments store chilled water on the bottom and heated water on top. Water serves as the ideal thermal storage medium as it is non-flammable, non-toxic, and the worst that can happen is a spill. A small 5 watt pump circulates cold water to a heat exchanger which powers a thermoelectric generator array. The TEG array is coupled to an MPPT controller which can be connected directly to your equipment, battery bank, or inverters. All systems output DC in voltages ranging from 12 V to 48 V.

Use excess power from your solar panels to charge the Ice-Pack. An array of Peltier coolers cools a water reservoir on the bottom while heating a larger reservoir of hot water on top. The Ice-Pack can accept a variety of currents and voltages. Lower voltages charge the pack faster but less efficiently. Higher voltages can be used when electric power is abundant to cool the reservoir to below zero.

The Ice-Pack is designed to be operated as an enclosed unit. However, it is possible to add a water exchange mechanism to either the cold or hot chamber to dramatically increase the system's storage capacity or utilize cold or heat supply available in your environment as a generator without any electricity input. As long as you have a temperature differential, you have power.

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