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37V 7000mAh Lithium Battery Pack • 10s2p 18650 Li-Ion

  • $220.00

Replacement battery fits most hoverboards. Most self balancing scooters utilize 20 Lithium 18650 cells in a 10s2p arrangement for a total of 37 nominal volts. 

Video to the left shows a take-apart of a blue (bad) pack and the one you're buying (red one). Sadly there are companies out there that think it's morally OK to sell half a battery pack and pass it off as a full battery pack.

The cells are the most expensive part, and it is important that what you paid for is actually inside the pack. Unfortunately some factories use this as an opportunity to cheat and save 50%. Even honest battery companies who do not manufacture their own packs fall prey to overseas factories stuffing the packs with half scrap cells - the incentive for cheating is great and hard to control. That's why we make our own!

You can open our battery pack and mail it back to us, we will re-seal it for you at no charge, just so you can see for yourself that there's no "funny business" inside of our packs.

Your battery/charger/hoverboard may say it's 36 volts, 37 - 41 V, it is all the same thing. At a full charge, this battery has 41 volts and is compatible with virtually all hoverboards and chargers. The onboard electronics balances the cells, cuts off power when fully discharged, and prevents over-charge. If in doubt, email us a picture of your board, and we will confirm if this works for you.

Using this premium product, discover a new sense of freedom as your hover board gains amazing range and new power.

Sadly there have been many hoverboards sold using 'fake' battery packs where half of the cells inside are scrap cells that are THERE as dead weight, but not even connected to the pack. Our packs have no 'mickey mouse' business - these are high quality, genuine Samsung 18650 22P model cells fresh from the factory with the latest generation power control module on-board that protects the pack from short circuit.

Don't be swindled into thinking simply 'UL listed' or 'UL tested' means it's a good, safe product - our packs exceed all safety standards and are produced at a certified ISO9001 factory to our custom spec. Nobody at UL actually tests what gets imported. Importers get a UL certificate for one tested battery and China then sends them fake packs that get sold with the certificate. You can't control it unless you make it yourself. It's a vicious circle and we're fighting back.

Is your battery a Full Battery?

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